Player notes or color labels not saving correctly

The first thing to do is ensure that you're closing our software correctly when you finish your session, as the notes/labels (labels are saved in the same file as notes) are saved to disk only when our software shuts down:

Settings → Account Details → Log Out & Exit

  • Notes are saved locally on your computer, not on our servers, so the notes will not move with you if you move from one computer to another.
  • If your notes do not save despite shutting down our software normally, try to change the folder destination for the notes file.

It is also possible that the folder where you are trying to save the notes by default is write-protected (for example the Program Files folder is often protected). To fix this, go to:

Settings → Gameplay → Player Notes

Select Change Folder..., then set the folder to Documents or a similar folder outside of the Program Files folder or the AppData folder.

This will create a copy of your notes file in your newly selected folder and future notes/labels will be saved there.


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