We’ll match your deposit.

Earn up to ₹25,000 with your exclusive deposit offer.

You can access a 100% bonus up to ₹25,000 with your next deposit.

Here’s how you can boost your bankroll with 100% extra:

  • Head to the Cashier and deposit ₹100-₹25,000 with code ‘DEP100’
  • Hit the tables and play poker to earn redemption points
  • Earn ₹100 in cash every time you hit 400 points

You’ve got 14 days from the time you deposit to unlock your bonus. You’ll earn 1 redemption point for every ₹1 you pay in rake or tourney fees.

There’s only one thing left to ask. Are you in?

Terms & Conditions

18+ only. This game may be habit-forming or financially risky. Play responsibly.

  • To be eligible for the deposit bonus, you must make a minimum deposit of ₹100 up to ₹25,000, using bonus code ‘DEP100’. You will be able to claim a 100% deposit bonus based on your deposit amount up to a maximum bonus of ₹25,000.
  • Deposits made prior to this promotion will not count.
  • Following the time of you claiming the offer, you will have 14 days to release the full bonus amount.
  • The amount of reward that a player can receive will depend on the number of redemption points the player earns during the relevant period. The redemption points clearance rate is as follows:
Currency Clearance Rate
Rs (₹) ₹100 for every 400 redemption points
  • You will earn 1 redemption point for every ₹1 you pay in rake on cash games or tournament fees.
  • Any cash rewards from this bonus will be credited instantly to your account balance when you have earned the relevant redemption points and will be yours to keep, with no restrictions and no additional earning requirements.

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