Special Offers. PKO Week. ₹5.7 Crore GTD.

The India Championship of Online Poker (INCOOP) is back. And this time there’s ₹5.7 Crore GTD from September 14-28.

Get ready for the two-day Main Event starting September 26. It's a Progressive Knockout (PKO) event. Buy in for ₹11,000 or qualify for less, and fight for your share of 1 Crore GTD.

And that's not the only PKO event. We've got an entire PKO Week lined up for the second week of INCOOP. All 19:30 IST and 21:30 IST events will be Progressive Knockout. Meaning you can earn big-time bounties for knocking out the right players – every evening between September 21-26.

On top of that we’ve got some heavyweight Special Offers:

  • A ₹7,50,000 Series Leader Board for all INCOOP events and stakes.
  • INCOOP Challenges awarding INCOOP Main Event entries worth ₹11,000.
  • A Ticket Machine with over ₹24 Lac in INCOOP event tickets to be won – just for playing INCOOP tournaments.

There’s something for everyone at INCOOP 2021. Are you in?

INCOOP Special Offers

Every time you play in an INCOOP 2021 event, whatever the buy-in, you’ll get points based on where you finish. The top 50 places at the end of the series will win huge cash prizes:

Ranking Prize
1 ₹200,000
2 ₹140,000
3 ₹85,000
4 ₹50,000
5 ₹30,000
6 ₹20,000
7-10 ₹12,500
11-20 ₹8,000
21-30 ₹4,500
31-40 ₹3,000
41-50 ₹2,000

Could you be one of our top 50 finishers?

Throughout INCOOP 2021 you can grab extra prizes thanks to the Ticket Machine – including INCOOP Main Event entries worth ₹11,000 each.

All you need to do is play in INCOOP tournaments. No matter where you finish, you’ll receive an entry to a daily draw. If your name is pulled, you’ll get tickets to INCOOP events.

The number of entries you receive, and the tier of draw, is based on the buy-in of the events you play in:

  • Low draw: One entry for buy-ins between ₹110 and ₹770, or two entries for buy-ins between ₹990 and ₹1,649.
  • High draw: One entry for ₹1,650 buy-ins and above.

The Low draw will award tickets to INCOOP satellite events, and the High draw will award tickets to the INCOOP Main Event. You can win up to five entries per day to both the Low and High draw. Please note: There will be no draw happening on September 21.

Here’s how to get involved:

  • Opt-in to the Low and High draws via your Challenges Window.
  • Play INCOOP tournaments between 00:00 IST and 23:59 IST.
  • Earn entries to Ticket Machine draws. The number of entries you receive is based on the number of tournaments you play in and their buy-in.
  • See if you’ve won INCOOP tickets. Ticket Machine draws take place daily at 09:35 IST. We’ll be in touch with the outcome.

There's over ₹24 Lac in INCOOP Event tickets to be won – so don't miss the action.

Earn an INCOOP Main Event entry worth ₹11,000 by opting-in and completing both INCOOP Challenges:

  1. Deposit Challenge: Deposit a minimum of ₹20,000 to complete.
  2. Redemption Points Challenge: Earn 33,000 redemption points to complete.

Just play any cash games or Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs) to start earning redemption points. You will earn 1 redemption point for every ₹1 you pay in rake or tournament fees.

Ready to grab your seat at the ₹1 Crore GTD Main Event? Opt-in to get started.

Terms & Conditions

18+ only. This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk.

INCOOP Leader Board:

  • This offer runs from September 14-28, 2021.
  • Every time you play an INCOOP 2021 event, you will get points based on your finishing position.
  • All INCOOP events (not satellites) are eligible.
  • Players will be awarded points based on their finishing position:
Position Points Awarded
1 100
2 80
3 70
4 60
5 55
6 50
7 45
8 40
9 35
10 30
11-14 25
15-19 20
20-30 10
  • In the event of a tie for the top positions of the leader board, the amount won in the series overall will determine the winner.
  • Top finishing players will be awarded cash prizes within 72 hours of the conclusion of INCOOP 2021.
  • Leader board points will expire after the conclusion of INCOOP 2021 on September 28 and will hold no value.

INCOOP Ticket Machine

  • This offer takes place from 00:00 IST on September 14, 2021 and finishes at 23:59 IST on September 26, 2021.
  • The INCOOP Ticket Machine is a promotion which awards players entries to a daily draw when they play INCOOP tournaments.
  • Only players who opt-in to the 'INCOOP Ticket Machine' can participate in this promotion. Any tournaments played prior to opting in will not count towards this promotion.
  • INCOOP Ticket Machine entries are earned by playing INCOOP tournaments, between September 14-26, between 00:00 IST and 23:59 IST, and are awarded based on the tournament’s buy-in:
    • Low draw: One entry for buy-ins between ₹110 and ₹770, or two entries for buy-ins between ₹990 and ₹1,649.
    • High draw: One entry for ₹1,650 buy-ins and above.
  • Only INCOOP tournament events count towards this offer. INCOOP satellites are not valid for this offer, nor are any other tournament formats, such as Spin & Go and Sit & Go tournaments.
  • Additional spend on tournaments other than the buy-in, such as re-entries, rebuys and add-ons, do not contribute towards this offer.
  • Players will receive entry(s) once they’ve been eliminated from an eligible tournament, or after they’ve finished in the top places.
  • The Ticket Machine will draw winners daily at 09:35 IST, after which, players will receive a notification with the outcome.
  • ₹24 Lac in INCOOP event tickets will be guaranteed during this promotion. Players can win multiple ₹11,000 INCOOP Main Event tickets from INCOOP Ticket Machine.
  • After the conclusion of INCOOP on September 28, any additional tickets won will expire.
  • Tickets cannot be redeemed for cash or any other value or be transferred.

INCOOP Challenges

  • This promotion runs from September 1, 2021 at 00:00 IST to September 27, 2021 at 20:45 IST. Please check your Challenges Window to see the Challenges that are available to you.
  • You must opt-in by hitting the ‘Start’ button in your Challenges Window to have your progress measured.
  • Any deposit made or points earned prior to opting-in will not count towards the Challenge progress. 
  • For the purposes of this promotion, eligible deposits shall exclude: any type of real money credit such as, but not limited to, marketing credits, poker school credits from any of our sites (or any third-party site if applicable) or freeroll winnings.
  • Making a withdrawal during the bonus period will make you ineligible for this promotion.
  • Only when you have met both the deposit requirement and the redemption points requirement will you receive your tournament ticket reward. There is no reward for completing only one of these requirements. 
  • Unless stated otherwise, you will earn 1 redemption point for every ₹1 you pay in rake or tournament fees.
  • Once the Chest has been opened, players will be able to find their tickets by going to ‘My Rewards’ and selecting ‘Tournament Tickets’.
  • After the conclusion of INCOOP on September 28, any additional tickets won will expire.
  • Tickets from this promotion are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be converted into cash.
  • Unclaimed Chests will expire on September 27 at 20:45 IST.

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