Ethical responsibility

As we are a global leader in the online gaming industry, we strive to maintain this privileged position in all that we do as a business. Accordingly, we ensure that our branded products are manufactured in a responsible manner and to high ethical standards. We strive to ensure that any third party that we engage with to produce our branded products is committed to and abides by the same exacting ethical standards that we maintain.

We incorporate an ethical standards undertaking (“ESU”) within our commercial agreements with our third party manufacturers which is compatible with internationally recognized standards and the ESU addresses a spectrum of ethical sourcing issues designed to ensure that those involved in the production of our branded products are treated fairly and with respect, are paid in line with applicable jurisdictional requirements and operate in an environment that embraces their cultural, ethnic and philosophical differences. A core element of ESU is to ensure that employees meet minimum legal age requirements and we explicitly prohibit the use of underage workers and/or forced labor of any kind, including prison labor, indentured servitude/trafficking or for the restriction of free movement. The ESU also requires that acceptable standards for workplace health and safety practices are maintained, that the workers are paid regular wages and overtime, that there are restrictions on working hours and that the workers are provided with acceptable working conditions and within a safe environment.

Finally, under our ESU, we maintain a right to carry out periodic, unannounced inspections of the factories used by our manufacturers to verify and document their adherence to our ESU and we will act swiftly to ensure that our third party manufacturers immediately rectify and fully address any shortcomings we identify from our inspections.



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